Master Web Development with React

Hi, I'm Ryan 😀. I’ve taught React to thousands of developers like you at in-person workshops across the world and thousands more with my online courses.

I co-authored React Router, one of the most popular projects in the React ecosystem and am now building up Reach UI, a library of accessible, composable React components. Your subscription here funds my open source development. Thank you!

I’ve been on product development teams, led front-end infrastructure on large teams, worked at agencies, maintained large OSS projects, consulted and trained at the companies whose products you use every day, and now I’m a small business owner. I've likely had a job a lot like yours.

With this experience, I'm now giving you the a path to master web development with React. Or, if nothing else, give you something besides Netflix to entertain you on a quiet Thursday night.

Subscription includes access to:

  • React Catch-up (NEW!)
  • Advanced React Component Patterns
  • Realtime React with Firebase
    (in development, coming September 2018)
  • Reach UI Dev Log
  • All future content
  • 25% Off Workshop Tickets
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The Courses

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React Catch-up
10 Lessons
75 Minutes
Updated 6 months ago

React's API had not really changed much since its initial release in 2013. But, the beginning of 2018 marked a new chapter for React as it prepared our apps to benefit from the new "Fiber" architecture—particularly async rendering.

This course is designed to quickly catch you up on the "how" and the "why" of all the new stuff. With a little guidance you’ll see it’s not overwhelming and get your app ready for the future of React. Each topic comes with an example that is easy to imagine as part of a real-world project.

  • setState updater signature
  • componentDidCatch and ErrorBoundary
  • getDerivedStateFromProps
  • getSnapshotBeforeUpdate
  • componentWillMount
  • componentWillReceiveProps
  • arrays and Fragment
  • refs (all three of them!)
  • forwardRef
  • createContext
Advanced React Component Patterns
8 Lessons
245 Minutes
Updated over 1 year ago

This course is perfect for people who build shared components or have been using React for a while and want to take their skills to the next level.

I've applied these patterns to my open source projects and taught this material to thousands of developers at my in-person workshops for over 3 years. This course represents the best parts of that material, polished up for self-paced online learning.

  • Imperative v. Declarative API
  • Composition w/ Compound Components
  • Implicit State w/ Context
  • Higher Order Components
  • Render Prop Callbacks
  • Implementing React Router
  • Implementing Redux
  • Custom Controlled Components
Reach Home Page
Reach UI Dev Log
1 Lessons
28 Minutes
Updated 3 months ago

Follow along the development of Reach UI, an accessible library of React Components. These low-fi videos will give you a front-row seat to my development of Reach UI. Here are just a few of the components on the horizon:

  • Router
  • Menu Button
  • Alert
  • Dialog
  • ... and more

There's not a lot there yet, but after the Fall 2018 Workshop Tour, I'll be pushing regular updates to this course.

Realtime React with Firebase
In Active Development
Expected to release in December

You’ll build a fully featured, production ready chat client on top of Google Cloud's serverless infrastructure and Firebase's realtime data store. Oh, and to keep you company, we’ll build a bot to talk to that is occasionally too real 😐. Topics include:

  • Authentication
  • Presence
  • Realtime updates
  • Production deployment
  • Error reporting (to your phone!)
  • Cloud functions
  • Loads of React
  • And a bot to chat with

This is a great course for people at any level of React experience. We won't get too academic about anything, it's just all practical application--learn by doing. For some of us, that's the best way.

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$180 paid annually

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