Reach UI

Ever since I started using React I've wanted to build a library of React components with accessibility as priority #1, and reusability as #2. I’m now in a position to do that. There are a lot of great projects already out there but they either lack accessibility, are tied to their own styles or styling methodology, or expose a theming API to plug into. I want a set of components that feels more like the browser just supports them natively.

The goal is for you to be able to use them out-of-the-box just like a <select> tag; and for those with bigger design aspirations, you’ll be able to build your own design system on top without having to become a deep accessibility expert or locked into any one styling paradigm. Use stylesheets, the style prop, glamor, styled components, whatever you want. No themes here, just components.

Each component will be tested extensively with Safari + Voiceover, Firefox + NVDA, and Edge + JAWS. As the project matures we’ll get it audited by Web AIM to ensure that if you pick Reach UI, your app is already way ahead of the curve for accessibility standards.

Eventually the docs will be hosted here, but for now just follow along on GitHub. You can also subscribe to my online courses where I'll be publishing a video development log as we build out Reach UI.

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