Modern Advanced React Workshop

Portland, OR
Nov 13th-Nov 14th, 2018

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Join Ryan Florence for two days of intense React training. You’ll cover all the techniques the most popular React libraries use to create performant, composable, reusable components. You’ll also get experience with the latest APIs, and a sneak peek at the new Suspense API, getting you ready for the next (async!) chapter of React.
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  • What it means to be declarative
  • Composing behavior and explicit state with Higher-Order Components and Render Props
  • Composing behavior and implicit state with createContext and cloneElement
  • When to use a higher order component vs. a render prop vs. context vs. cloneElement, and the trade-offs that come with each choice
  • Dodging CSS and accessibility issues with Portals
  • Building accessible components using ARIA
  • Ref forwarding and Focus Management
  • New Lifecycles (getSnapshoBeforeUpdate, getDerivedStateFromProps) and how to get off the old ones
  • Async React Preview (Suspense, Time Slicing)
  • Real-world examples for all topics
  • Lots of time for Q&A
  • Tacos & Tikka Masala--not really a topic but that's what we'll feed you for lunch :)

Who Should Attend?

Intermediate React Developers: If you've been working with React in production for a while and are looking to level up, you stand to learn the most from this workshop. You’ll be more able to write declarative code and reusable components spanning across your project, team, or company.

Experienced React Developers: There's no better way to get caught up on Async React and what it means for your code-base. If you’re a seasoned React developer you’ll walk away with the vocabulary and tools to help teach and lead your team to be successful with React now and in the future. You’ll probably fill in a few small gaps in your understanding of React while getting a large boost to your ability to build accessible components.

Beginners: If all you’ve done is the official react tutorial you will still gain a lot from this workshop. Some of it may not sink in immediately but enough of it will that you'll be months ahead of where you would have been without it. There's a lot of one-on-one time in these workshops so Ryan can provide you with some extra help.

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What to Expect

Bring your laptop because you’re going to be writing a lot of code. Each day follows a cycle: lecture, exercise, Q&A, break, repeat. Ryan will provide a ~30 minute live-coding lecture where he introduces a new concept by refactoring some code. Then he turns it over to you to work out an exercise applying the same concepts from the lecture into a different app. During the exercise, Ryan will wander around the room, giving you time for one-on-one questions and help with the exercise. Most exercises have some "extra-time" items to keep you practicing if you're faster than the rest of the group, and you’re encouraged to help those around you since the best way to learn is to teach! After that, Ryan live-codes a solution and then opens it up for group Q&A. You'll learn a lot, have some fun, and meet some great people, too.

About the Instructor

Since 2015 Ryan Florence has been teaching React in countless workshops to thousands of developers for top brands and small companies across the world. His teaching style will enlighten and entertain you.

Not only is he a great teacher but also an experienced practitioner. You know him as co-author of React Router, which has become a staple piece of the React ecosystem, leading the community in novel ideas and implementations. He’s currently on a mission to make React the most accessible, composable web platform we’ve ever seen with Reach UI.

He’s worked on small teams at agencies, on large teams at successful startups, a consultant for fortune 500 companies, and as the owner of a small business. He's probably been in a role similar to yours, which is why you're going to love this workshop.

Hosted by Kroger

Nov 13th-Nov 14th, 2018
9:30 AM to 4:30 PM Daily
Lunch provided

3800 SE 22nd Avenue
Portland, OR


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